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118 Landover Crescent,
Kanata South, ON, Canada

Open weekdays.
Evenings and weekends
on request.

Email: Lisa [at] LisaVirtue.com
Phone: (613) 296-4271

Channeled Audio

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Angel Blessing

Above is the recording of a blessing for everyone given by all of the gathered Divine Spirits during Spirit Speaks.

Archangel Michael
Below is an excerpt from Spirit Speaks.

Lisa Virtue - Energy Healer, Channel, Teacher
and now Yoga Teacher!

Lisa will help you to 
heal the root sources of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-harmonies, which will bring you greater ease and joy in your life and will
help you to 
live more fully
 as your amazing true self.

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4 New Autumn Offerings

Spiritual Practice

Wednesdays, Nov 15 - Dec 20 (no class Dec 13)
5:30 - 6:30 pm  5 weeks $108

I find that having a regular spiritual practice helps you to realize your potential and put your best foot forward.

Let's delve into the variety of ways to deepen your connection with yourself and All-That-Is. 

Coming together as a community helps put the fun into new practices.  We look forward to gathering with friends and enjoying the amplified energy created.  Stay for tea and even let yourself steep longer in the energies with some Restorative Yoga...

Restorative Yoga
Wednesdays, Nov 15 - Dec 20 (no class Dec 13)
7:00 - 8:00 pm  5 weeks $80+tax

Ahhhhh.... is the perfect way to describe the feeling Restorative offers.

Our busy lives have us always switched on.  Together, let's turn off those switches and give our bodies the time and space to work their natural healing magic.

Yin Yoga
Tuesdays, Nov 14 - Dec 19
5:30- 6:30 pm  6 weeks $96+tax

This has been my favourite practice for the last 10 years.

Yin is quiet yet profound.

It supports the tissues that keep your whole body held together,
a network for energy and information.

Poses held for longer periods with relaxed muscles are exactly what this system needs to release stagnant energy and allow an ease of flow.  We also cultivate mindful awareness with this practice and end with a peaceful meditation.

Embodied Flow Inspired Yoga
Thursdays, Nov 16 - Dec 14
12:00 - 1:00 pm  5 weeks $80+tax

I am very excited to share this new style of yoga with you.

Embodied Flow™ is a continuum of movement and expression that draws from the discoveries of various hatha, tantric and somatic movement systems in order to experience yoga as a living art form.

It provides the technology for a deep sense of ease, strength and connectivity in the human form. This in turn, empowers the practitioner to be their own greatest teacher as they expand, integrate and facilitate awareness in their entire body-mind.


Specialty Offerings

Available as private sessions or for a group


Indulge in Healing Vibrations

Relax, go deep and beyond as you are held in healing vibrations.
Enjoy two skilled practitioners offering powerful transformative energies together.

My partner, Mark Daniel, and I will bathe you in the sound of singing bowls, chimes, gongs and vocal healing tones from the divine realm. 
You will also bathe in the powerful energies of crystals laid around and on you (if you desire), and the transfomational healing energies divinely inspired to come through.

Be prepared to let your cares melt away.



Find Yourself in the Stars

Discover the handbook you came with
as my partner, Mark Daniel, unveils the mysteries of the stars.


Spirit Speaks

Converse with Angels

Be inspired by the wisdom of the divine realm,
as Lisa channels for you in this enlightening evening.

The evening begins with an introduction by the divine beings, addressing a topic they feel is in highest good for those listening.  Then they open it up for your questions and provide insights and tools to inspire and assist not only the person asking, but everyone.  Healing or blessing energies are also offered to uplift all.