"Lisa Virtue is an amazing healer and medium. I feel she has a powerful and highly developed gift. She is one of the reasons I am feeling so amazing.

I would have never considered going to a medium before I met Lisa, but when I met her I felt a real authenticity to her and so I booked a healing session. She didn't know me and I didn't tell her anything about me, but by the end of the session I think that she had worked on every single one of my issues without me having said a word. She cleared them so thoroughly that I can't even remember what my issues were. Anyways, I was ready to let them go and they are GONE!"

    ~ Anna, Carleton Place

"Lisa makes the journey of delving into the world of Spirit Guides surprisingly grounding and accessible.  As someone new to this world of out of the ordinary, I felt that I gained new insights, tools to help me grow, and tips to help me continue this journey beyond the workshop.  it was a unique and enlightening experience.  Thank you Lisa!" 
                     ~ Glenda, Ottawa



What a healing session!  Lisa Virtue you are a miracle worker.”                      ~  Sophie, Ottawa


Lisa, thank you for your profoudly generous and compassionate accompaniment on Friday. I am experiencing a fascinating metamorphosis:  my inner universe is expanding."                             ~ Julie, Ottawa

“I feel so confident now, and I feel like I was practically reborn...

Lisa Virtue had a profound effect on me. Her very essence is a powerful and vibrating light, and the healing began as soon as I was in her presence. She performed intuitive healing as well as crystal healing, and in the span of those 2 hours, she released any and all of my blocked energies. The changes were undeniable and deeply felt on my part. 

Lisa is also exceptional at channeling Divine energy, and the messages she transmitted to me throughout the healing session resonated with me in a way that I have never experienced with anyone before. 

There is no denying Lisa's power and talent. She is quite simply a breathtaking lightworker, aiding humanity in its evolution and ascension process. I was blessed to have been graced by her presence and touched by her spirit.”

                                                                 ~ Mylène, Orleans

“Lisa Virtue is a passionate, fearless and yet gentle healer...

With great wisdom, she invites healing entities to help you become aware of your core issues and reminds you of your power to deal with them.

A session lasts about two hours. During that period, you will probably cry, smile and perhaps laugh, leaving the shadows behind and encouraged to pursue the love within leading to the love around you.

Lisa’s work is profound, generous, uplifting, and above all, loving.

I recommend her dearly to all of you light warriors.”

                                                                            ~ Anne-Marie, Ottawa

"I have truly enjoyed my sessions with Lisa!  

Once, I had a very powerful session with her where I felt so alive and free!  For me, there was a feeling of letting go, crying, releasing, cleansing, heaviness leaving my body during that session together as I felt very safe and connected!  

Lisa has a wonderful gift and she is a beautiful spirit!  There is a lot of love in that room and I feel very grateful that I have found Lisa!  Thank you Lisa!!”

                                                                            ~ Micheline, Ottawa

“You really put my mind at peace...

knowing that my friend has passed on and is so happy.  

It was a valuable experience for me just witnessing your process of communicating with spirit.  Your reception and presence exudes warmth and love.  You were the perfect person to pass the message on to me that I am loved beyond my understanding.  You were fully engaged in the process and I could see and feel your good will.  

I wish you many experiences of awe from the divine creator and hope our paths meet again.”

                 ~ Jenny Bean, Ottawa

“The light feeling was incredible...

The light feeling I had when I left your office was incredible.  A lot of my thoughts have changed and I have much more of a positive outlook.” 

“I found Lisa's ad in Tone magazine and was drawn by one of her messages from spirit.  I was under a great deal of stress and in need of  chakra clearing and overall healing.  Negativity was taking over my spirit.  Lisa performed a healing with crystals, guides and angels. The session itself was beautiful and enlightening. 

I felt re-newed and energized when I left and the experience will be with me always.  

Lisa's healing will be imprinted on my soul for a lifetime and I feel blessed to have had the experience. Thank you Lisa!!!”

                                            Love and Light to you always, Shannon, Ottawa

"Feeling incredible and creative energies...

Last night's healing was wonderful.
I even dug up dresses and summer wardrobe items from the basement; somehow my other clothes did not match my energy any longer.  I needed more colors today.  I started journaling on what I am doing with my internal speech.  Love it!  I even get a feeling that I have to share this!

Thank you for such a big change, thank you for letting my feather drop so all my internal constructs could be rearranged and change could start taking place…  I have been feeling incredible energy since last night and a lot of creative energy as well.  Not only do I love myself but I see the good in everyone else too."  ~ Bianca, Ottawa

(Click here to watch the awesome video the feather comment relates to.)