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Channelling Session
~Spiritual Counselling / Talk to Angels~

This is for you if you’re feeling troubled, don’t know what to do, which way to turn, are trying to find yourself, your right path, answers or simply need support in sorting things out.

When you feel this way, wouldn’t it be wonderful to talk with someone who knows you and what would be amazing for you better than anyone in the world?

There is no one who knows you better than your Higher Self, Spirit Guides and Angels.  Acting as a voice channel, I allow these personal helpers to speak with you and offer wisdom from their broader perspective.  I also offer my supportive ear and personal experience when it is helpful.


"Perfect Experience..."

"It was a valuable experience for me just witnessing your process of communicating with Spirit.  Your reception and presence exudes warmth and love. 

You were the perfect person to pass the message on to me that I am loved beyond my understanding.  You were fully engaged in the process and I could see and feel your good will.

I wish you many experiences of awe from the divine creator and hope our paths meet again."

Sincerely, Jenny Bean of Ottawa