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Lisa Virtue’s journey to working with the angels both on stage and in private, personal sessions is filled with twists, turns and miracles. 

The daughter of a diplomat, she was raised living in a variety of countries, providing Lisa with an international perspective and appreciation.  This helped her to develop an innate understanding that no matter our station in life or circumstances, we are all fundamentally the same underneath.  This understanding carried through her career path, including being a video editor and director, only to become even more profound when she began connecting with people’s higher selves and the greater divine spirit.

One day the Universe decided it was time to get Lisa on a new path and bing, bang, boom things happened quickly.  A trip to a massage therapist led to a workshop, which led to trading services with a respected energy healer.  From there her exponential journey took off as her extrasensory perceptions began to blossom.  Before you know it, Lisa is encouraged to open her own healing practice.

Miracles and angel teachings came forth, particularly with Archangels Metatron, Michael and Raphael. They each came to teach her new healing and connecting methods: as Lisa lovingly calls it “Archangel School”.  

Today Lisa is living her life following the compass of her inner truth and trust in divine guidance.  She feels great joy as she permits Spirit to channel through her voice to deliver uplifting messages and helpful guidance to those in need.  She also works directly with Spirit providing healing at a deep level to aid in positive transformations in people’s lives.  Lisa remains ever grateful for the gifts, blessings and miracles in her life, and knows that each and every person has the ability to access the same.  It is now her desire to help people live their authentic life and open to the majesty and miracles available to them.

From 4everythinggreen.ca

This interview is with Lisa Virtue. That’s right, Virtue is her name. Caught your attention? I hope so. Lisa’s a bundle of positive energy, so sit back with your favorite beverage and enjoy this engaging Meet & Greet session.

1. Introduce yourself and tell us about your business.
My name is Lisa Virtue, which turns out to be the most perfectly suited name for where I’ve ended up on my life journey.

I help people align with their true self by energetically healing the hindrances that have accumulated. By intuitively finding and healing the root sources of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dis-harmonies, I open the flow to greater ease and joy in your life, helping you to live more fully as your amazing true self.

I’ve adopted the words “connect – heal – grow” as they really capture the essence not only of what I do, but of the transformation process my clients experience. As clients connect more deeply with their inner self, they heal long standing issues and find themselves growing into their magnificent selves.

Connect also relates to the ability I have to connect with those on the other side. I often work with angels and spirit helpers during healing sessions, as well as offering Medium sessions to connect you with loved ones who have passed over, your spirit guides or angels.

Heal is for the energy healing sessions as well as the products I offer that aid in healing – crystals and blessed Himalayan bath salts.

Grow is for the workshops I teach. This summer I’m offering courses in Self Healing (June 15), Connecting through Nature (June 21 or 22) and Connecting with your Spirit Guides (July 6&7).  [Note: Watch the Grow page for 2014 workshop dates.]

2. How long have you been in this business?
I officially opened to the public two years ago after realizing I had developed abilities that could help others.  [Note: Opened Autumn of 2011]

3. How did you get started?
I was your typical, average person and 6 years ago things started coming in to my life serendipitously that led me to discover the world of spirituality. One day a massage therapist told me he could feel energy and that I didn’t have much in my legs. He suggested I attend a grounding workshop he was going to. The workshop turned out to be very close to my house, and really helped my energy. The teacher was an energy healer and I ended up going to her for healing sessions, a weekly chanting group, and workshops. The more healing I received the more my innate extra-sensory abilities began to reveal themselves and develop. After several years, having come more fully into alignment with my own true self, I took a workshop in which she taught a method of healing similar to Reiki. I really resonated with this method and decided to open shop to help other people.

To my amazement, one day during a session I felt a very strong presence appear. An archangel had come to teach me, and took me beyond the veil where I was more fully connected to my true essence and all that is. It said “you know that you know how to do this”, and the bigger me laughed and said “yes I know”. And I did know. The part of me that was still perceiving from my body thought “please, please let me remember all of this.” Thankfully I did, and over the course of several sessions I was taught various ways to find the root source of people’s blocks, find out what is needed to heal them, and how to do that. I loving call it Archangel School, as several different energy beings came to teach.

4. How do you serve the green community?
I believe I serve the green community in a few different ways. First and foremost, by bringing people in to their authenticity and helping them to live more fully from their heart, they feel more connected to everyone and everything in a loving way. This creates a positive shift in the foundation of how they make choices in their lives.

The workshops also serve in different ways. The Connecting through Nature workshop takes people right into the woods and shows them how to connect with (and through) all that’s there in a deeper, more meaningful way. The value each and every thing has as it is, is quite magnified by the experience. Connecting with your Spirit Guides, and connecting with your truth through muscle testing in the self healing workshop, both give you access to answers that are in highest good. So when you are looking to make choices, the advice will steer you well.

Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle are all covered with the beautiful glass jars with corks I use to package the bath salts. Since they are so lovely, people happily re-use them. I also offer refills so no extra packaging is involved, and of course they are recyclable.

5. What motivates you to continue to help and serve the people in our community?
Helping people to uncover and live their magnificence fills me with such joy and love. I realize that I’m not only helping individuals, I’m helping the whole world through the ripple effect. The more people there are who live their truth from their heart-centre, the more positive shifts in society are possible.


I love to learn and to find new "tools for my toolbox".  Further to my own discoveries, and teachings from the Archangels, I have studied with the following human teachers:

Karen Osborne, Ascension Healing

        Crystal Healing, Crystal Shamanism, Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Anna Twinney

        Animal Communication

Dr. Hania Armengol

        Huna Level 1

Adele Stratton, Phoenix Rising Healing Centre

        Magnetic Healing; Perceiving Auras; Vibrational Healing I & II;
Muscle Testing; Grounding

Pam Montgomery, Partner Earth Education Center
Plant Communication

Alain Jean-Baptiste, Possibilities In Mind

        Intuition, NLP